How We Help

Cruse Bereavement SupportOur range of services include practical advice, bereavement support groups, leaflets and publications as well as one to one bereavement support with adults, children and young people.

Our bereavement support volunteers can arrange to either visit people in their own homes or offer a safe and comfortable environment in an easily accessible location for sessions. They are all ready to listen in a compassionate and non-judgemental way. Although there are some general patterns that grief can follow, it is a complex process and there is no right nor wrong way to experience it. We ensure that each person’s individual needs are understood and we work together to deliver the most appropriate form of help and support at the time.

We make no charge whatsoever for what we do and there is no fixed time limit for this kind of support, although most people find that around 6 sessions helps them to feel significantly better.

Our volunteers are fully trained and undergo regular supervision and in-service training to update their skills.

See our page on Grieving FAQ for some ideas and helpful suggestions for yourself of someone you know who has been bereaved, including some leaflets you can download and print.

Please use the link below to access leaflets and booklets that you can download and print.

Please support our service which is entirely free to all users with a donation.

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