North Suffolk & Gt Yarmouth

North Suffolk & Gt Yarmouth BranchYou can request bereavement support or information by calling 01502 722234.
When you leave a message on our answerphone, you will be called back later that same day.

Please note that we return all calls from a private number which may register as Withheld if you have caller display on your phone. In some instances we find that our phone is blocked by your phone provider because you have elected to reject all anonymous callers. Until this block has been removed we will be unable to call you back. You can find out how to do this by contacting your phone service provider.

We have created a couple of brief 2 page documents about some of the feelings people experience when grieving which you may like to download and print out for yourself or someone you know. Has Someone Died? & Grief Explained [NS&GY Cruse Branch] or you can find the longer 20 page booklet here. Information for children and young people can be found via the national Cruse web site.

North Suffolk and Great Yarmouth have a part-time administrator. Please contact the administrator if you need information about the branch, including training courses on 01502 722234 or fill in this form.


Our History:
The North Suffolk and Great Yarmouth branch of Cruse came into existence in 2004. There had been a Cruse presence in North Suffolk since 1979 when the Waveney and North Suffolk branch was inaugurated. A group in Great Yarmouth joined them in 2003. The main core of our service is visiting and supporting the bereaved in their home.